Our New Look


We are excited to present our new logo!  This reflects the evolving role of literacy and Literacy Link South Central in the community. 

What does the new logo represent?

We see that literacy is a community issue and we recognize the role of Literacy Link South Central in the larger community. 

The logo reflects a gathering.  The three circles could represent people, organizations or social issues.  Ultimately, they reflect a community working together. 

If you look closely, you will see the colour changes from light to dark.  This reflects that literacy skill building and solutions to the literacy issue are a process.  The difference in colour also reflects the different needs of our diverse community.

The rings connecting the circles reflect our hope that each person, program and government institution will actively participate to support literacy. 

You might notice that the "e" in the word "Literacy" stands out.  This is a subtle recognition to the increasing role that e-learning is taking in learning and training environments.

We are excited to continue working with community partners as we move forward in our shared vision of a productive and healthy community.  As the issue of literacy evolves, so will we!