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Louisiana website for Hurricane Katrina victims
The Assistance Centers will help mitigate the potential for misunderstanding and abuse by providing standardized, structured, and guided relationships between homeowners and service providers. In addition, the Assistance Centers will maintain registries of professional service providers and building contractors. Through the Solicitation for Offer, Assistance Centers will be directed by the selected management firm and staffed by contracted experts, which may include non-profit organizations specializing in providing advisory services to homeowners. Use the Assistance Centers if you have problems with builders or other services. These centers also keep lists of approved builders and services. We will attempt to select companies and non-profit groups who can best run these centers.
ON Ministry Website
"The Act establishes procedures for dealing with workplace hazards, and it provides for enforcement of the law where compliance has not been achieved voluntarily." The Act has procedures for working with workplace hazards. It also states what to do if the laws aren't followed.
ON Ministry Website - Safety Guidelines for the Live Performance Industry in Ontario: Hand Props and Costumes
"Consideration should be given to the safe integration of hand props and costumes with the other elements of the production, including but not limited to scenery, lighting, sound and performance venue." You need to consider how to use hand props and costumes safely when working with any part of the production such as: Scenery, Lighting, Sound, Performance

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Use bold for emphasis instead of italics or underlining