What We Do

Literacy Link South Central exists to:

  • Refer people to literacy programs
  • Increase awareness of the important role of literacy in everyone's life
  • Develop resources for literacy programs and for community members with an interest in the issue of literacy
  • Provide training for literacy program staff and for members of the general community
  • Plan literacy services by identifying literacy-related issues and helping the community to create solutions

Our service area includes the counties of Oxford, Elgin, Middlesex, Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk.

Our Workshops and Training Opportunities

Clear Writing Workshop

Learn techniques that will help you create written materials that are easier for everyone to understand.  Let us show you the tools for successful written communication.

Click here to view the Clear Writing workshop flyer.

Literacy Awareness Workshop

Explore the role of literacy in our daily lives.  Learn tips to identify when someone is struggling with this hidden issue and how to get them the support they need.

Click here to view the Literacy Awareness workshop flyer.

Contact us today to book a workshop or to find out more information.

Why should we think about literacy?

Social Problem Literacy Can Help!
Low literacy affects employment stability and opportunities. We need literacy skills to find employment and to keep employment.
Low literacy represents a massive loss of productivity in our labour market. We need literacy skills as a country to attract new businesses and to have success in the trade industry.
Low literacy could lead to crime and violence. We need literacy skills to empower us and to participate in our community.
Low literacy youth could become disadvantaged adults. We need literacy skills to seek options for a successful future.
Low literacy affects health. We need literacy skills to read prescriptions, directions and preventative information.
Low literacy people are less likely to vote. We need literacy skills to be informed and to participate in the democratic process.